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Memorial Day Wishes Inspirational quotes and celebrating the Memorial Day Wishes

Memorial Day Wishes: The Memorial Day, originally was called the decoration day. This day is marked as a day of remembrance for those who served their nation with its services. As per traditional happenings, there are a lot many stories which speak its actual beginning. This says that there are over two dozen cities and towns laying claims to begin the birthplace of the Memorial Day. Even there is evidence that there was an organization of women groups in the south of the country which were related to decorating graves before the end of the civil war, this was a home being published in 1867. The complete dedication was to the ladies of the south who are decorating the graves of the Confederate dead. This was officially proclaimed in 1868 at the month of May by the national commander of the grand army of the republic.

It’s the federal holiday which sets aside to honor the brave men and women across US armed forces those who sacrificed their lives during their duty. This is not a tribute to a single person, but the complete army who served in the Army, naval, National Guard, air force and coast guard. The Memorial Day wishes are going to make a significant day for the martyrs who sacrificed their lives for the country. Online there are a lot of Memorial Day wishes available which speaks more of the feelings for soldiers. Some of the kids are like

Memorial Day Wishes

Memorial Day Wishes

  • This memorial day “remember and honor all who have served and sacrificed for our freedom”.
  • Memorial Day “remember and honor”.
  • Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one’s life for one’s friend.
  • Lord, we thank you for all who have served and sacrificed for freedom.
  • The Memorial Day “remembers and honors all who have served”.

Memorial Day Wishes

These are some of the special Memorial Day wishes that make every soldier special and are need to remember for their sacrifice to the nation. Sometimes people get confused with the Memorial Day and veteran day. But there is truly nothing confusing. These two holidays have different origins with the observance of Memorial Day started in 1868 at Arlington national cemetery where people use to decorate the graves of union and confederate soldiers with flowers. Now this as a tradition has been extended to commemorate all military men and women who sacrificed their lives in the American wars.

Happy Memorial Day Wishes

But when it’s about the Veterans Day, this stretches back to the early 20th century when the Armistice Day got declared after World War 1. This is to honor the heroism of the American soldiers and their contribution to world peace. After World War 2 the name of the holiday changed to the veterans. Since then the day is celebrated on 11th November for celebrating the veterans of all American wars. The martyrs have expressed deep gratitude for their contribution to society by paying their lives. This day of remembrance is dedicated to lots of Memorial Day wishes.

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